Update: 2019 Halibut Limits

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) recently announced the limits for sport-caught Halibut in 2019.

There are some minor, and we believe positive, changes compared to last season that are worth understanding before you join us at Langara this season…

2019 Halibut Limits

The total limit, for the duration of your trip, is 1 or 2 Halibut, depending on the length of Halibut you choose to retain…

  • You can retain a total of 1 Halibut if its length is between 90cm and 126cm (35.4″ – 49.6”) — up to approximately 60-pounds.
  • Or, you can retain a total of 2 Halibut if both are under 90cm in length (35.4”) — up to approximately 20-pounds.

The daily limit is 1 Halibut, unchanged from recent seasons.

These over/under sizes are both increased from last season, so guests will find it easier to land Halibut that fit within these lengths — in 2018, the over size was up to 115cm in length (45.3″), the under size was up to 83cm in length (32.6″).

How are Halibut limits determined?

Skipping past a lot of complex negotiations between Canada, the U.S.A., and various stakeholders, B.C.’s recreational fishing sector is assigned a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) each year — a gross weight of Halibut that is permitted to be retained through sport fishing.

Halibut limits are determined with a goal of ensuring anglers in B.C. can enjoy reasonable opportunities across the full season, without the TAC being exceeded (which might result in the season being cut short).

Since the TAC can vary from year to year, management measures sometimes need to be adjusted to compensate.

But these changes are also the result of feedback from the sport fishing community on what management measures work best.

The 2019 limits are a good example of this: the slightly larger allowable sizes are more optimal for most Halibut fishing locations in B.C., and the either/or option of retaining 1 larger or 2 smaller Halibut will help ensure a full season of fishing.

These limits are also well-suited for Langara Island, where guests can easily target areas that typically hold Halibut of either size.