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2017 Pre-season Report: Langara Comes Alive!

Posted on: May 16th, 2017
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

The start of our 2017 season is just one week away, and Langara Island is once again alive with activity!

We’ve been busy preparing both lodges over the past few weeks, and our staff, new and returning, have been discovering and getting reacquainted with their home for the next few months.


What a dream. #haidagwaii

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Since arriving, we’ve been sneaking out for an hour here and there to drop a line, and were pleased to find fish. But last week provided our first good sampling, as we enjoyed some extended sessions on successive days.


Sorry friends but yes, yet another cringe worthy photo. #langaraislandlodge

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If the conditions here now are any indication of what this season has in store, then Yahoo!

There are salmon here, and lots of them, and there is bait here, and lots of it.

The waters from Lucy Island up to Cohoe Point have a good supply of needlefish and the salmon seem to be gorging on it — we’re finding lots of Chinook here with bellies full of this baitfish.

Egeria Bay is teeming with bait, attracting lots of birds, a few hungry Humpbacks, and a good number of Chinook.

We hit this area last Tuesday evening and quickly got into a triple-header, followed by a few more bites. The next night was just as productive, with a lone boat enjoying multiple multiple hook-ups.

We’ve had similar success around Boulder Point, where we’re finding lots of bait and seeing lots of streaks on the depth screen and dealing with a lot of bait being stolen by nibbling salmon.

Largest salmon retained so far is 20-pounds (and counting), and largest halibut is around 50-pounds.


Back in business up here in the gwaii! @langarafishing @jessdon08

A post shared by Charley Cragg (@ccragg) on

Overall, this might be one of the better early fisheries I have seen here, and a promising indication of what’s to come for our 2017 season.

Stay tuned for more!

Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager


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Comments (3)

looks fantastic cant wait to get there again

Save lots for me!!!

Can't wait to fish for those hard fighting salmon
again this July
Coming with a new guest for one trip
and my son, who's very excited, for a second
You're the Best
Victor M.

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