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Fishing Report: August 1, 2016

Posted on: Aug 1st, 2016
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

Some handsome-looking, and handsome-sized, fish have been found swimming in our waters this past trip. Tyee-size salmon have been caught in multiple areas, keeping our boats spread out along Graham Island and the east of Langara.


Monster fish on during a beautiful evening.

A photo posted by Tristan (@fisher_freak) on

Seath Point produced a 45-pound Chinook; Bruin Bay produced a 41 and a 53; Cohoe Point has had a couple of Tyees; and Andrews Point has yielded a 45 and a couple more over 30.

The Graham Island shore is still being fished at regular depths (10-20 pulls) and tide changes, with loads of baitfish moving back and forth along Graham at every tide.

Some boats have found action tight to Cohoe and Andrews, but it may be even better offshore, around 200-300 feet of water down to 60-80 pulls. The Chinook seem to be liking the bottom half of the water column offshore these last few trips.


"Realize deeply, that the present moment is all you ever have" #haidagwaii

A photo posted by Nikki Omgits (@nicoletanya) on

No Name Point has had a couple of good bites around the first half of the flood tide, tight to the beach where we normally get them. Offshore, Langara Rocks has had a good drift for Coho salmon and the occasional spring, too.


A photo posted by @yoshi326s on

The winds had closed down most of the west side this trip until Monday. Anglers are just getting out there this afternoon so we’re expecting some salmon and lots of bottom fish to hit the docks tonight.

Coho salmon have dropped in numbers a bit this weekend, but definitely not in size — some beauties on the dock up to 15-pounds. They seem to be a bit thicker offshore, but not deep — they like fast shallow bait and are a lot of fun to bucktail or cast to with a herring pattern fly.


25-1/5lbs baby! Good start to great fishing at #langarafishinglodge

A photo posted by Turton360 (@turton360) on

Killer whales have been seen roaming around the island this trip, and the Humpback whales are still here in big numbers and can be seen almost everywhere.



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