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Fishing Report: August 12, 2016

Posted on: Aug 12th, 2016

We’ve been enjoying very strong fishing for both Chinook and Coho this week, hampered only by some persistent fog that has settled around the island every morning, but it’s been clearing most afternoons to reveal some clear skies.


Moody times out here on the island this morning #salmoncountry #haidagwaii #explorecanada #exploremore #explorebc #langaraisland

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But, that aside, the bites have been frequent and consistent in most areas.

Andrews Point has been producing on both tides every day this week, with Chinook and Coho being found here at the regular shallow depths between 10-20 pulls.

The flood tide drift from Langara Rocks around to Andrews continues to yield lots of nice fish, both shallow and deep. Several nice Chinook have been found at McPherson Point closer to shore.

Along Graham Island, Seath Point has been holding some larger Chinook on both tides, and the Jalun River has been a good spot for both Chinook and Coho.

Gunia Point and around the corner in Friendly Cove has also been a popular spot this week.

Salmon sizes are looking really healthy right now. Chinook in the 20-pound range are about the average, and most Coho are tipping the scales over 10-pounds.


25lbs of Chinook. #pacificangler #langarafishing #getsome #beautifulbc #bestcoast #westcoastbestcoast

A photo posted by Jordan Simpson (@saltandsand808) on

Too many Chinook highlights to list this week, with lots of Tyees hitting the docks and being released.

Several in the 40-pound range have been landed and/or released, but bragging rights goes to longtime guest Dorothee V., who just released a 51-pound Chinook this morning (photo at top)!

Coho sizes have been equally impressive. Average is around 10-pounds, and the largest are a 17 and 17.5 — both bagged by the same guest!

Bottom fishing has been a bit quiet this trip, due to the fog and some westerly winds, but guests are finding some smaller chicken-size Halibut in the usual east-side spots, as well as a few larger ones off McPherson Point and Langara Rocks.



A photo posted by Jordan Simpson (@saltandsand808) on

The Humpback whales continue to put on an impressive show — at least when the fog lifts and you can see farther than the bow of your boat. They are actively feeding all around the island and occasionally breaching.

Both Transient and Resident Killer whales have also been spotted hanging around the island, each hunting for their favourite Langara Island snacks — sea lions and salmon, respectively.


Apex pred for the win

A video posted by yos gladstone (@chromers) on

Another exciting battle was witnessed yesterday when a Peregrine Falcon was spotted going after a Bald Eagle in the skies over Cohoe Point, likely squabbling over territory or a stolen meal.

Meanwhile back at the lodge…


halibut. buttered dungeness crab and lobster. ramp kimchi. onion tempura.

A photo posted by Dusan (@buttersaltlove) on



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