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Fishing Report: August 30, 2016

Posted on: Aug 30th, 2016
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

We’ve been waging war against the winds most of these past two trips. Last week it was blowing strong NW, keeping our boats in tight to the east side of Langara and along Graham Island. This weekend it was a strong easterly — a rare wind here — that had us seeking shelter off the west side.


Casual 35 knots #getsome #haidagwaii #lastchance

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But that’s the beauty of Langara’s 360 fishery — regardless of where the wind or weather is coming from we can always find some sheltered waters on the lee side of the island.


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Through the varying conditions, fishing for Chinook has remained consistent off Cohoe Point and Andrews Point most tides, with most bites still at the usual depths between 10-50 pulls.


Smoke on the water. Fogust in the Gwaii.

A photo posted by Sean Jarvis (@seancjarvis) on

That NW wind direction encouraged a wind-drift off Andrews — remaining in neutral and allowing the boat to be pushed by the wind. This has been quite effective for most anglers and works from close to shore out to about 300 feet of water. Once the drift hits that depth, it is time to pick up and return to the shallower water and begin the drift again.


Gettin' some in the Haida Gwaii. #langarafishing #pacificangler #beautifulbc #bestcoast #westcoastbestcoast #getsome

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Cohoe Point and Little Cohoe are working now, as are the Bluffs (south of Egeria Bay closer to Solide Pass). There have been some nice fish caught there later into the flood tide. Seath and Boulder Point have been fishing better on the ebb tide lately, and offshore of Seath has been great for XL-size Coho these past few days.


gotta love watching the big ones swim away #catchandrelease #langarafishing

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A 54-pound Chinook, caught and released off Boulder Point, Friday morning is the highlight of this past week, along with several other Tyees. Coho salmon are up to bruiser-size now, with 15-pounds not uncommon at all. I would be surprised not to see a 20-pound Coho this year given the average size we are witnessing now.


A photo posted by Patricio Gaytan (@patogaytan) on

When the winds shifted easterly on the weekend, our boats went to fishing mostly in tight to Cape Knox and near the north and south entrances to Lepas Bay. We found some Chinook here, the best a 32-pounder.

Monday morning brought more favourable winds and we’ve been finding Chinook again at Andrews and off of Seath since then.


A huge bait supply has been sitting offshore of Seath and east to Burger King lately. Most salmon are being caught here in 150-250 feet of water, but fishing shallow.

There is plenty of activity around the bait balls to point the way — Bald Eagles, gulls and seabirds are stacked up overhead, and several Humpback whales are usually feasting on them from below.


Someone is playing #langaraisland #westcoast #beautifulbritishcolumbia

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