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Fishing Report: July 29, 2016

Posted on: Jul 29th, 2016
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

We’ve seen a surge of Tyee-size salmon passing through our waters these past couple of weeks. Last week saw four fish over 50-pounds released, and this week we’ve seen a number of 40+ along with many in the 30s.

this beauty taped out to 32lbs !#catchandrelease #langarafishing #keepemwet

A photo posted by Jessica Don (@jessdon08) on

The majority of them have been found along the Graham Island shoreline, but the east side of Langara has also yielded several larger salmon.

The latest are a 44.5-pound Chinook from Seath Point, and a 44-pounder from McPherson Point, both caught yesterday.

‘Large’ is also a word we’re using to describe the Pink salmon right now — large in numbers, that is. They are filling up the top half of the water column in many areas around the island.

The one that 'almost' got away! Great weekend fishing with the family. #langara #salmon #fishing

A photo posted by Jake Eby (@snaker79) on

We’re avoiding them by fishing deeper — and by deeper I mean near bottom. They are a healthy size this season and put up a relatively good fight, but still pale in comparison to a nice Chinook or Coho.

Pinks on the fly in the Gwaii. #langarafishing #getbentproject #haidagwaii #pinkslips

A photo posted by Jacob Kaay (@jacobkaaij) on

From Langara Rocks to Cohoe Point, the pinks are chasing anglers offshore and to the bottom where the Chinook are being found — they don’t want to hang around the Pinks, either.

Offshore of Cohoe Point, very deep, has produced springs; offshore of Andrews Point, down to 60-90 pulls, has produced springs; and offshore of Langara Rocks, even deeper, has produced springs.


A photo posted by @brendan.grant87 on

The Graham shore is fishing at more normal depths from 10-20 pulls. Seath, Boulder and Gunia Points, Friendly Cove and Bruin Bay have all had their moments this week. One lucky boat found a nice pair of 40+ pounders (42 and 47) Monday morning off Seath.

The Coho salmon being found this week are brutes, weighing in consistently over 10-pounds. It’s getting to that time of the season where we see their average size increase by about a pound a week.

A lot of anglers have been talking about the Coho fishery, as it seems to have seen a huge surge in numbers and quality of fish. These fish can be found all through the water column. And for anyone looking to take a break from bait, they can be readily hooked up on the fly and bucktailing.

Persistent westerly swells have kept most of the Halibut fishing to the east side of the island this week, but a few breaks in the winds allowed for some productive sessions off the west side.

Today was a very good day in the Gwaii.

A photo posted by Sean Jarvis (@seancjarvis) on

Humpback whales are still here in mega-numbers, and some Transient Killer whales were also busy harassing the sea lions this week.

And this menacing fellow was spotted slaughtering the lawn outside of our Orca Cottage -- Mother Nature is beautiful but unforgiving!


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