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Langara Island Fishing Report: August 4, 2017

Posted on: Aug 4th, 2017
Bill Gibson, Langara Fishing Lodge Manager

Fogust has officially arrived! That, and a persistent NW wind have been the predominant conditions this week. We’re seeing plenty of sunshine burning through the fog, but the wind is currently restricting most of the fishing to the east side of Langara and the Graham Island shoreline -- but the Chinook have cooperated quite nicely this trip.

Anywhere from Langara Rocks to Cohoe Point has been a ‘get-um’ spot, conditions permitting, with Andrews Point being the best starting point and finishing point of the trip.

Chinook were being found a bit shallower this morning, at 30-50 pulls — 40-80 had been the norm the previous few days. With the NW winds Andrews can get a bit bumpy, but things flatten out towards Cohoe if you want calmer water.

Around Andrews, the method today is just keep the stern of the boat into the wind and the motor in reverse to slow the drift, and slowly drift offshore to about 300 feet of water then start all over again.


Today's little guy!!!#langaraislandlodge#thisplaceistheshit!!!

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Coho salmon are also thickest and largest from Cohoe Point to the Rocks, and can be caught from top to bottom in the water column. This has been one of the best Coho seasons in recent memory with a high abundance that started early for us.


The boys are tubbed out by 9am #langarafishing #fishbc #westcoast #langara #haidagwaii #chinook

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The herring schools seem to be hanging from Cohoe to the Rocks and they have been holding the salmon in this zone for the last few days.


Faugust has arrived.. along with a few more fish. #haidagwaii #pnw #langarafishing

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The Graham shoreline showed some pretty good signs of life yesterday. The late ebb tide into flood tide from Bruin Bay to Boulder Point had some nice Springs.

Several Tyees are on the board so far this trip, the largest being 38-pounds.


Not a bad start to the trip!!!#langaraisland #langaraislandlodge #bigfishforalirrleguy

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Bottom fishing was excellent off the west side before the winds picked up, with a bunch of turkey-size Halibut hitting the docks the first afternoon.

The bigger groups of Humpback whales seem to have moved offshore a bit but there is always a few roaming the shoreline for bait balls. And we’ve had several sightings of Killer whales in the past week.

August is often when warmer currents push north along the west coast, bringing some interesting creatures to our waters, such as this Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola) that was spotted this week...

Of course, the resident wildlife here is also pretty spectacular…


Another local island resident #puffdaddy

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