All the fish that’s fit to print.


Aug 23, 2019

Just a few weeks remaining in what has been an incredible 2019 season!

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If you’re joining us this week, you can find upcoming weather and tide information here.

Fishing Report: August 23, 2019

We experienced the full range of Langara Island weather this week — from clear blue skies, to a strong SE gale, then back to calm waters — and the fish kept biting through it all.

Fishing Report: August 17, 2019

A surplus of salmon, cetaceans, and sun was served up at Langara Island this week!

Fishing Report: August 9, 2019

Pillar Bay continues to bear the best bites lately, providing the bulk of our boats with solid numbers of Chinook.

Fishing Report: August 2, 2019

The Graham Island shore has been slowly stealing the spotlight this week, with solid bites under sunny skies.

Fishing Report: July 30, 2019

After a month of familiar fishing patterns, things finally changed up this past weekend, with the action shifting away from the top of Langara Island.

Fishing Report: July 26, 2019

Another week of productive fishing and favourable conditions here at Langara Island, as the salmon continue to haunt the same areas as they have for most of July.