2020 Celebrity Chef Series at Langara Fishing Lodge

Langara Fishing Lodge is pleased to welcome a collection of Canada's top chefs on select dates in 2020.

An incredible dining experience is always expected on a trip to Langara Fishing Lodge, but guests joining us on select dates in 2020 are in for a special treat.

On each trip, one of Canada’s top chefs will be taking over our kitchen to prepare a unique multi-course menu.

Wine pairings for each menu will be provided by Charton & Hobbs from their portfolio of premium wineries.



In light of the Covid-19 issue, the dates for these events are being rescheduled. Contact us for more details.


Angus An ~ Maenam

At Maenam, Chef Angus An has redefined Thai cuisine in Canada, creating authentic Thai dishes with innovative twists on centuries-old recipes.

Maenam was recently ranked 23rd on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list, and restaurant of the year in Vancouver Magazine. Chef An’s cooking is always refined and beautifully presented — prior to opening Maenam in Vancouver, he worked at London’s Nahm, the first Thai restaurant in the world to earn a Michelin star.

Guests joining us on this trip can look forward to a menu of Thai-inspired cuisine that balances intense fresh flavours with seasonal ingredients and locally-sourced products.

John Bishop ~ Bishop’s Restaurant

Chef, cookbook author and acclaimed restaurateur, John Bishop has helped define modern Westcoast cuisine for the past 30 years, and pioneered the farm-to-table concept by championing local ingredients and suppliers.

His Bishop’s Restaurant can be found near the top of every list of Vancouver’s best dining experiences.

Regional and seasonal best describes John’s cuisine — guests can look forward to a menu showcasing B.C.’s lush bounty of seafood, organic produce and meats, with a perfect blend of classic and modern flavours.

Michel Jacob ~ Le Crocodile

“Getting my apprenticeship at Le Crocodile was like going to Harvard” — Ned Bell, Executive Chef of Ocean Wise.

Few chefs have had a greater impact on the quality of fine dining in Vancouver than Chef Michel Jacob.

As the head chef of the city’s most acclaimed and popular French restaurant, Le Crocodile, Michel has mentored many of Vancouver’s current crop of top chefs over the past 30-plus years.

Chef Michel’s impeccable cuisine blends traditional French cooking with innovative Westcoast style.

Hidekazu Tojo ~ Tojo’s Restaurant

Hidekazu Tojo is considered one of the world’s great sushi chefs. His Vancouver restaurant, Tojo’s, has been a favourite of locals, tourists, and visiting celebrities for 30 years.

Famous for creating the now ubiquitous California Roll, Tojo was recently named an Ambassador for Japanese Cuisine by Japan’s government.

An evening at Tojo’s is best enjoyed Omakase-style — which means entrusting the chef to prepare a special dinner of cold and hot dishes, featuring the finest and freshest ingredients, and reflecting the essence of Tojo’s culinary perspective.

Last season, Chef Tojo treated our guests to his newest creation – the Langara Roll! You’ll have to join us to find out what he has in store this season.