Langara Fishing Adventures began as an idea, hatched by a group of friends searching for what all anglers seek — a better place to fish.

Prior to our founding in 1985, the premier destinations for salmon fishing in British Columbia were areas such as Campbell River and River’s Inlet.

At the time, the remote Queen Charlotte Islands (now Haida Gwaii) were virtually unknown to even the most well-travelled angler. Its isolated location kept it undiscovered by the sport fishing community, and Langara Island, a small dot of land atop the far northwest tip of this archipelago, was the most isolated of all.

But there was evidence, and a few local fish stories, suggesting there could be a sport fishery here more abundant than any other on the West Coast: Langara Island had been a popular commercial fishery for decades, and once supported a sizeable population of Haida people prior to the arrival of European explorers — archeological surveys of the area found a number of abandoned Haida village sites and fishing outposts.

With this knowledge, and fueled by an adventurous spirit, this group of friends hatched a plan to venture north to these remote waters, and took a chance on this small island named Langara.

The Pioneers of Langara Island

Sport fishing at Langara Island began in 1985, when our founders, Rick Bourne and John, Robert, and Richard Noble, towed a renovated 120-foot paddle-wheeler up to Langara Island, anchored it in a protective cove, and set out to discover the island’s secrets.

For recent guests who didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing Langara Fishing Lodge in our early years, imagine venturing out into Parry Pass on a blustery day in a 14-foot fiberglass boat with a 10- or 15-hp motor. And imagine a completely blank page of fishing tips and favourite halibut holes.

Our claim to being the Pioneers of Langara Island is hard-earned, and shared with all of those adventurous guests who first joined us in our search to find a better place to fish.

The Legend Grows

The unrivalled abundance of salmon and halibut we found at Langara Island quickly filled our lodge with fishermen, and each season brought further expansion of Langara Fishing Lodge.

Word also spread about Langara’s pristine environment and spectacular diversity of wildlife, and soon adventure travellers were joining avid anglers to experience this unique destination.

In the early 90s, visits by Bob Hope and other celebrities, and a steady stream of media coverage, cemented Langara Fishing Lodge’s reputation as the new destination of choice for salmon fishing in North America.

Luxury Comes to Langara

With Langara Island now established as a premium fishing destination, the desire for more premium accommodations quickly grew, particularly from the growing number of corporate groups interested in the Langara experience.

In 1993, we broke ground atop a scenic bluff adjacent to Henslung Cove. Over the next two years, Langara Island Lodge emerged out of the forest atop Iphigenia Point — one of our goals was to leave as many of Langara’s old-growth trees untouched during the construction of this project.

Langara Island Lodge welcomed its first guests in 1995, ushering in a new level of luxury in this remote location, with spacious accommodations, gourmet dining, spa treatments, and an emphasis on personalized service.