We’re always fishing for compliments.


Our guests are here to catch fish; we’re here to catch happy customers!

Whether you’ve been with us for over 30 years or just 3 days, our aim is to hear you say “I can’t wait to come back!”

Counting Down the Days

Langara Fishing Lodge

We took our first trip to Langara Fishing Lodge in 1990. We’ve been back every year since, and seen the lodge get better every year since. The staff at Langara are one big happy family, welcoming us back as one of their own. We fish from sunrise to sunset, and every day is truly a new and exciting experience. Back home in Quebec we will be counting down the days until our next trip, while fishing here in our boat we’ve named ‘Langara East’.

Naomi and Harvey W. (Montreal, QC)

Top of the Bucket List

Langara Island Lodge

I have fished for salmon at many different lodges and, frankly, nothing compares with Langara. The setting is superb, the facility and food exceptional, and the fishing has always been productive. Every step of the trip is perfectly managed and every employee well-trained and a pleasure to deal with — if you have a special need, it will be accommodated with pleasure. If you have a bucket list of things you should do before you leave this world, a visit to Langara should be near the top of your list.

Charles C. (Montreal, Quebec)

A Family Affair

Langara Fishing Lodge

Fishing at Langara is a family affair for us. My dad started coming many years ago, sharing it with his children, and now I’m doing the same with mine. As my daughter says, “Langara is a place for everyone to fish.” There’s never a dull moment. If the bite isn’t on, the whales are sure to entertain. And avid birders, like my son, enjoy spotting Puffins, Auklets, and Murrelets. Langara is so much more than a fishing lodge. It is truly a place where we can witness nature’s diversity, beauty, and power up close.

Ian C. (Washington, DC)

A Sense of Peace

Langara Island Lodge

It’s hard to express in words just what the Langara Island Lodge experience is. Just being here brings me a sense of peace that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Our yearly trip has become a tradition that I share with my family and closest friends, and fishing with our guides Yos and Chop is simply the best — even in tight quarters like this!
– Gary P. (Calgary, AB)

Someday Finally Happened

Langara Island Lodge

My husband’s passion has always been fishing. I, on the other hand, prefer relaxing at the spa or spending weekends near home. As our 32nd anniversary approached, I began to think about a commitment I had made — “someday I will go on a fishing trip with you!” One of his buddies recommended Langara, and from start to finish the excursion was amazing. From the relaxed, first-class accommodations and gourmet meals, to catching a 33-pound Chinook on our first afternoon, this was one of the best experiences of my life!

Nancy D. (North Vancouver, BC)

Mid-summer Merry Christmas

Langara Island Lodge

As we arrive on the Langara docks to start our annual trip, we wish each other Merry Christmas — it seems the only appropriate way to sum up the sheer joy and anticipation we all feel. It is difficult to explain how majestic Langara is — we consider it one of the great wonders of the world. The spirit of the place and unlimited energy of the Langara team is infectious, and the fishing is always unbelievable.

Ian G. (Vancouver, BC)

My New Fishing Heaven

Langara Island Lodge

When my husband introduced me to fishing in the Texas gulf I thought I had found heaven. But this trip took all of the elements I love about fishing and added so much more! The scenery was awesome, the food incredible, and our guides and the lodge staff went out of their way to totally spoil us. We are already signed up for next year… bring it on!

Charlotte W. (Houston, TX)

No Other Place Like This

Langara Island Lodge

We heard stories about Langara from relatives who have been here many times, so this year we travelled from the other side of the world to experience it for ourselves. The first afternoon we caught several beauties, saw Humpback whales breaching, a pod of Orcas swim by, and Bald Eagles soaring overhead. My sons have insisted we return annually; their parting words were, “we’ll be back to get our Tyee!” There is no other place like this. Amazing!

Jeremy G. (Singapore)

Discovering Langara

Langara Fishing Lodge

After reading a magazine article in 1990 about this newly discovered fishing area in British Columbia, my son and I signed up for our first trip to Langara, never having fished for salmon or halibut. We’ve been hooked ever since. I have since travelled to many other places in search of great fishing, but I return to Langara every year. It’s like an extended family to us.

Ira D. (Brooklyn, NY)

Nothing beats Langara

Langara Fishing Lodge

On our first trip to Langara Fishing Lodge, we knew it was a special place. For those who love the sea, love to fish, and love unbeatable scenery, nothing beats Langara Island. Landing and releasing this incredible fish was a day of fishing my dad and I will not soon forget. I’m thankful for the many trips we have enjoyed here over the years, and will continue to enjoy — with the dream of topping this latest golden moment.

Scott D. (Mercer I., WA)

Will Always Come Back

Langara Island Lodge

Langara provides a unique opportunity to be closest to the fishing grounds, with the best guides and equipment, and share a sincere care and respect for the ecosystem here. Combine this with accommodations, food, and friendly hospitality second to no other spot in the world, and it’s easy to understand why I will always come back.

Tony M. (Richmond Hill, ON)

The Langara Fever

Langara Fishing Lodge

My friend and I have been fishing together for the last 20 years. We moved around from lodge to lodge until we discovered Langara 5 years ago, and caught the Langara Fever! Together with our guide, John, we’ve been having nothing but great adventures here every year since.

Jim M (St. Albert, AB)

An Enchanting Place

Langara Fishing Lodge

Henry and I count ourselves amongst the “Pioneers” of Langara Island. We’ve been fishing here for over 30 years, since the days when little 9.9 hp motors powered the boats. So many years later, we continue to look forward to the coming season. Alive with birds, marine mammals, and, of course, fish, Langara Island is an enchanting place. We are so grateful that Langara Fishing Lodge continues to provide excellence year after year.

Glen and Henry I. (Vancouver, BC)