The greatest fishing experience possible.

Langara Fishing Adventures first introduced the world to the wonders of Langara Island almost 35 years ago. Since then, we’ve earned this remote location a place amongst the great fishing destinations of the world.

And since then, we’ve spent every season learning more of Langara’s secrets and constantly improving our service, facilities and equipment — all with the simple goal of providing our guests with the greatest fishing and wildlife experience possible.

Exceeding Expectations

Our guests will often experience the best fishing of their lives with us, and enjoy it amidst a display of scenery and wildlife that few places on earth can match. Yet for many Langara guests, the most impressive aspect of their trip is the tireless energy and attentive service from our hard-working staff.

For a seasonal business, we are blessed to have the majority of our lodge employees stay with us for many seasons — our returning guests are always welcomed back by familiar faces. And our team of guides are the most experienced in the industry, with well over 100 years of combined fishing experience on our waters. We take pride in setting a very high standard of service at Langara, and even greater pride in meeting and exceeding our guests’ expectations.

Operational Excellence

The logistics of providing a 5-star experience in one of the most remote locations in North America is daunting, as minor oversights can quickly turn into trip-ruining complications.

As a guest, you can rest assured that all aspects of your adventure have been thoughtfully considered and fine tuned over our nearly 35 years of operations — from start to finish, no detail has been overlooked.

Some notable recent improvements to our operations include:

  • the first fishing lodges in the world to install the commercial-class AIS ship tracking system on all of our boats, enabling us to monitor the position of our entire fleet at all times;
  • the first fishing lodges in Canada to have their fish processing facilities commercially certified, ensuring our overseas guests are able to avoid import restrictions for sport-caught fish;
  • the first remote fishing lodges in B.C. to employ a full-time emergency medical attendant, enabling us to provide treatment of most medical issues as soon as they happen.

We’re confident you’ll agree, there’s no experience like Langara!

You focus on the fishing, we'll focus on you.


Learn more about all we do to ensure you enjoy a safe experience in this remote corner of the world.