Fishing Report: June 24, 2017

Langara finally got firing on all cylinders this week: sun has been shining, seas have been calm, winds have been quiet, whales have been breaching, and the salmon have been biting!

All the usual spots are producing well on both tides, and we’re currently enjoying our nicest day of the season.

The whole Graham Island shoreline has been solid this week. Burger King to the Jalun River, offshore in about 150 ft of water, has probably been the best. We’ve been finding fish here down deep and shallow. These waters have been holding a lot of bait, but it seems to be thinning out a bit.

Boulder Point, Bruin Bay, Chanal Reef, and around the corner to Lepas Bay — all have yielded some nice salmon this trip — best being a 40-pound Chinook from Bruin yesterday.

Bruin is always a favoured spot for larger salmon, and so far this year it’s been equally favoured for larger halibut. Two too big to keep were found here this week — estimated around 70- and 100-pounds, both above the retention length, and both brought up on salmon gear!

The top of the island has also seen a number of too big halibut this week, but that’s more typical bottom fishing waters. Langara Rocks has quieted down a bit for salmon this week, after being pretty solid since opening day.

McPherson, Andrews, and Cohoe Points are all working steady on both tides, morning and afternoon — they’ve been good spots for guests wanting to stick-and-stay for the day.

We’re also seeing a really nice mix of species right now. Chinook have been plentiful, Coho are starting to show up in good numbers and good sizes — averaging 8-12 pounds, several Chum have been fought, and a few Sockeye have hit the docks this trip.

The Humpback whales have really been putting on a show these past couple of weeks. You know you’ve seen a lot of whales when by day three you won’t even take your camera out unless you’re seeing a full breach!