Fishing Report: July 5, 2019

Fishing has picked up all along the Graham Island shore recently. We’re now seeing a decent needlefish population settling in here, which is attracted solid numbers of Chinook from Seath Point out to Cape Knox.

Since the start of the season these waters have been yielding some very nice salmon, and a majority of our Tyee-size fish, but not with much consistency until these past couple of trips.

In recent days, some very impressive fish have been found here…


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42.5 lb release this morning #Langara #LFL #Chinook #Salmon

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And a couple of early birds got some chrome-bright worms here around sunrise on Thursday morning — each landing and releasing a Chinook over 40-pounds off Boulder Point and Seath Point.

The better fishing has been on the ebb tide, and best near the kelp, quite shallow where the needlefish are holding.

Just inside of Boulder Point has been great lately, with some fish being found in 20-feet of water or less. It’s been very consistent the last few mornings around the bottom of the big tide swings we’ve had this week.

We’re also seeing the occasional Humpback cruise by these waters — they like feasting on these needlefish as much as the salmon do!

Chanal Reef is holding salmon, as has the bowl atop Cape Knox — a spot we haven’t been spending much time at this season.

Around Langara, Cohoe Point is fishing best a couple of hours into the flood tide, which is classic timing for here. Andrews Point keeps puttering along, kicking out salmon on both tides.

The top of the island, from off the Lighthouse over to Langara Rocks, continues to hold a lot of herring and is by far the place to be if you’re searching for Coho salmon.

They’re sitting out here in strong numbers now, augmented by flurries of Chinook that usually appear on the flood tides.

The Rocks have been a go-to spot for most of the season, with only the weather keeping boats away some days.

Halibut fishing was a little tougher this trip. Weather has been beautiful, but we’ve had some big 16-foot tides to contend with.

This effectively eliminates the chance to enjoy any extended periods of bottom fishing — the tides move the boat too quickly, so you really have to focus your efforts around the slack between tides.

Tight lines!


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Creatures from the land and sea. @langaraisland #catchandrelease #langaraislandlodge

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oh hi sunshine we’ve missed you

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