Fishing Report: August 9, 2019

Pillar Bay continues to bear the best bites, bring the bulk of our boats big numbers of Chinook.

Boulder Point was starring earlier in the week, with salmon showing up like clockwork the first hour of the day and providing a morning workout for our early risers.

They were finding fish here both tight to the kelp and out in the bay.

Seath Point has been the more consistent spot throughout the day this week, attracting Chinook on both tides, and enough to produce the occasional double- or triple-header.

That point has been a bit slower the past couple days, but lately any spot along the Graham Island shore, from Seath over to Cape Knox, has been a decent bet for Chinook.

The Chinook we’re finding right now are looking very healthy, as they have all season, with plenty in the low-20 pound range and a good number of Tyee-size fish landed and/or released in recent weeks.

The ones hitting the docks often have bellies full of needlefish and/or herring.



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Here fishy fishy fishy… Awesome couple of days fishing for Salmon and Halibut on the beautiful Langara Island, BC

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The same is true of other species.

On the Coho ledger, fish in the 10-12 pound range are common right now. A 14-pounder is the largest of the week.

And this impressive 20-pound Chum salmon was landed a couple weeks ago by first-time guest Sue Brooks…

Around Langara Island, Cohoe Point has been a good spot lately during the first couple hours of the flood tide.

Andrews Point, as always, is pretty steady on both tides, highlighted mid-week by a few intense flurries of Chinook that showed up to reward the boats that were sticking here for the day.

It’s a mix of Chinook and Coho in these waters.

The stretch from Andrews Point around to Langara Rocks, a bit offshore, has been holding lots of Coho with some Chinook mixed in. Lately, it’s been mostly Coho between 15-25 pulls, and mostly Chinook between 30-60.

On the bottom fishing side, the stretch from McPherson Point to No Name, out over 180-250 feet of water, has been excellent lately for Halibut in the 10-30+ pound range, as well as Lingcod.

Some westerly winds had been keeping us off the west side for much of the past week, but conditions have improved and those waters should be targeted this weekend.

Al’s Halibut Hole, off the east side of Langara, continues to produce well for smaller Halibut; Chinook and Coho are also showing up here, so leaving a salmon rod dangling off the side while you’re targeting the bottom is a good strategy. This spot has been a copy/paste fishery for most of the season — no change from week to week.

Here’s our good friend Bernardo showing off a variety pack from his trip last week — Halibut, Lingcod, Black Rockfish and 10+ pound Coho…