Release the Tail, Keep the Tale


At Langara Island we are blessed with the world’s most consistently abundant salmon fishing, and are actively working to ensure that this resource is maintained for generations to come.​

Catch & Release

Anglers can contribute to the genetic strength and continued abundance of Pacific salmon by choosing to release very large fish, allowing them to return to their spawning rivers.

At the beginning of every trip we ask all of our guests to respect and value this magnificent resource, and to take home only the amount of fish they expect to consume. When choosing to release a fish, all guests are encouraged to practice proper catch and release techniques.

Releasing very large halibut and lingcod is also encouraged (or required by retention limits), as these fish are almost always egg-carrying females.

And for most species, the larger sizes are often not be the best option for table fare.

Ongoing Research

Langara Fishing Adventures works closely with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada on numerous studies, including DNA sampling and the defining of survival rates for sport caught and released salmon.

We also provide support each season for research on marine mammals, Peregrine Falcons and other species at Langara Island​.