Bottoms Up


Langara Island is as productive as any area on the West Coast of BC or Alaska when it comes to fishing for Halibut and other bottom species.

Offshore & Nearshore, Deep & Shallow

Unlike most other Halibut fishing locations, at Langara Island you don’t have to go miles offshore into the open Pacific to catch them.

They’re out there — the deep waters off the west side of our island are home to Halibut ranging in size from 10-pounds to a massive 300+ pounds.

But some of our most productive Halibut fishing can be found in more protected waters off the east side of our island.

We also frequently encounter Halibut while fishing nearshore for salmon, sometimes in waters under 100-feet in depth.

Other Species

Our waters are also home to healthy populations of Lingcod and numerous species of Rockfish — including Black Rockfish, which can be targeted on fly fishing gear.

Skate, Blue Shark, Sablefish, and ocean-run Steelhead, are just some of the other species you may find on the end of your line.

Now that you've caught it...

Learn more about our fish handling practices and your options for processing, to ensure you make the most of your catch.