The Ultimate Destination for Salmon Fishing


For every passion there is an ultimate destination — a place revered by reputation and immortalized by countless tales. If salmon fishing is your passion, Langara Fishing Adventures is your destination. Located on Canada’s remote BC West Coast.

Langara Island Salmon

All five species of Pacific salmon can be found at Langara Island. The star attractions here are Chinook salmon, ranging from 12 to 70+ pounds, and Coho salmon, from 7 to 20+ pounds.

Chum, Sockeye and Pink salmon also pass through our waters, and even the occasional Steelhead. At certain times of the season it is not uncommon to catch 3 or 4 different salmon species in one day.

Prime-time, All Season Long

To put it simply, we catch a lot of salmon at Langara because there are a lot of salmon at Langara.

Thousands of distinct runs visit our island throughout the spring, summer and fall. They gather in Langara’s protective waters to feed hungrily on needlefish and herring, before continuing their migration to natal streams throughout B.C. and the U.S. west coast.

Keeping the Sport in Sport Fishing

At Langara, we take pride in practicing, and teaching our guests, the true B.C. style of sport fishing for salmon.

Commonly referred to as mooching, it’s a more subtle and enjoyable method of fishing that allows the angler to be engaged in all aspects of enticing, hooking, and landing a salmon.

It’s also the most effective technique for catching fish at Langara Island — an in-shore fishery where most salmon are caught close to shore in relatively shallow waters.

Ocean Fly Fishing

Fly anglers are also welcome at Langara Island.

Langara’s sheer abundance of salmon, and many sheltered bays and kelp beds, enables us to enjoy fly fishing on these ocean waters.

Casting or bucktailing, for Coho, Chinook and Pink salmon, as well as black rockfish, can be enjoyed at Langara Island by any guest who has an interest in trying this exciting style of fishing.