Our Location

Why Langara Island?

Langara Island lies just south of Alaska, off the northern tip of British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii archipelago (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands).

Our guests arrive here via a charter flight from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii, followed by a scenic helicopter ride to the island — total flight time for both legs of the journey is under 3 hours.

We back up our fish stories

To put it simply, we catch a lot of fish at Langara Island because there are a lot of fish at Langara Island — no other location on the west coast of North America enjoys a greater continuous abundance of both Chinook and Coho salmon.

This remote island is uniquely situated at the head of the major migratory route of all five species of Pacific salmon — from spring to fall, an unrivalled number of distinct salmon runs visit our island enroute to rivers and streams throughout southern Alaska, B.C., Washington, and Oregon.

Keep calm and fish on

You can enjoy great fishing at Langara Island without ever heading out into open water. Despite sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the majority of our fishing takes place near-shore in sheltered waters.

Langara’s many bays and inlets, and 360-degrees of great fishing spots, ensure you can always find calmer conditions regardless of weather or wind direction.


At Langara Island you’ll spend less time travelling and more time fishing.

Our entire fishing area is within close proximity to our lodges. Some of our very best salmon fishing is literally within sight of the lodge docks, and even our deeper-water bottom fishing spots are no more than 20-25 minutes away.