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Your Catch

We know one of the great joys of any fishing trip is bringing your catch home to share with family and friends. That is why we spare no effort to ensure your fish is prepared and packaged in the best possible method for your trip home.​

Lodge Processing and Packaging

All retained fish is cleaned, filleted, vacuum-packed and flash-frozen shortly after reaching the dock, unless requested otherwise. On the day of departure your catch is placed in insulated styro-boxes protected by a rugged cardboard outer box, suitable for transport on any airline, and shipped with you back to Vancouver.

If you’re flying home the following day, our recommended hotels provide complimentary freezer storage for your fish boxes.

Smoking or Canning

Guests also have the option of sending some or all of your catch directly from the Lodge to St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse.

St. Jean’s can turn your catch into lox, candied salmon, hot smoked salmon, smoked salmon mousse, canned salmon, or simply cut and repackaged into smaller 1 or 2 pound portions. They’ll courier your catch to anywhere in North America and most parts of the world, and guarantee that the fish they deliver is the fish you caught — all fish is individually tagged and labeled throughout their processing.​