Googling Around Langara

Destination BC paid a visit to Langara Island Lodge as part of a project to film and map our province's most remote and beautiful locations.

This past summer, Destination BC, our province’s tourism marketing organization, began traversing the far corners of British Columbia with Google’s Trekker camera — a backpack version of Google Maps’ 360-degree Street View camera.

They covered over 900 kilometres by foot, horse, boat, canoe, floatplane, and helicopter, from the Canadian Rockies to the mystical islands of Haida Gwaii.

Langara Island Lodge was pleased to be included in the project, and provide people from around the world a chance to explore our remote and beautiful location.

Explore Langara Island on Google Maps

Regular guests who have not yet visited Langara Island’s scenic landmarks can now go sightseeing online through Google Maps.

And if you’ve only dreamt of fishing with us, you can now enjoy an angler’s view of some of Langara’s best fishing spots and scenic shorelines…

(March 10, 2017)