Langara Island Lodge


Langara Island lies atop the Haida Gwaii archipelago — 900 km (550 miles) north of Vancouver, British Columbia, and just 30 nautical miles south of Alaska.

Guests arrive via a charter flight from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii, followed by a scenic helicopter ride to the lodge (all included in your trip). Total flight time for both legs of the journey is under 3 hours.

A luxurious adventure

Langara Island Lodge is situated high on a scenic bluff atop our namesake island, surrounded by Haida Gwaii’s ancient rainforest and abundant waters.

From the docks below, you’ll rise through the forest in a unique funicular tram to arrive at the lodge, often under the watchful eye of a Bald Eagle or Raven sitting in a nearby tree.

Roaring fireplaces, relaxing hot-tubs, soothing spa treatments, and gourmet meals await you after a day of fishing and exploring the wonders of Langara Island.

Share the experience or go exclusive

The lodge is comprised of three adjacent buildings: accommodating 22, 12, and 6 guests.

Couples and smaller groups can share the adventure of Langara Island with guests from around the world.

Larger groups have the option of reserving an entire building, or combination of buildings, to enjoy their own private lodge experience.

However you choose to discover Langara Island Lodge, everyone will bask in the same impeccable service, comforts, and cuisine.

Chinook Lodge

The grandeur of Chinook Lodge is as breathtaking as the island upon which it is built.

This centrepiece of Langara Island Lodge features a towering river-rock fireplace, spacious main lounge, games room, and a lively dining table for sharing the day’s fish tales with your fellow guests.

It is ideal for couples and small or large groups, accommodating up to 22 guests in 11 well-appointed double-occupancy rooms.

Eagle Lodge

Eagle Lodge offers a more intimate experience than Chinook Lodge. It features six double-occupancy suites, a fully-staffed kitchen and chef, games room, and top-of-the-island views.

Best suited for groups of up to 12 guests interested in a private lodge experience, but also available for smaller groups on some dates.

Raven Cottage

Hidden amidst the ancient forest of Langara Island lies Raven Cottage, a private 3-bedroom facility.

Raven Cottage is available only as an exclusive booking for up to six guests.