They don’t call this the Galapagos of the North for nothing.

Other Activities

The untouched natural beauty of Haida Gwaii is a setting that few places on earth can match.

Our remote island is brimming with a wealth of wildlife, spectacular scenery and cultural history, just waiting to be discovered.

Wildlife & Whale Watching

As the centrepiece to one of the world’s richest marine environments, nature is on display in rare abundance at Langara Island.

We share these waters with Humpback and Killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, eagles, and countless other species.

The whale populations here are among the largest in the world – rare is the trip that does not feature several sightings. In fact, every year we play host to a team of marine mammal researchers who use Langara Island as a base for observations.

Haida Culture

The Langara Island area was once home to numerous villages and fishing outposts of the native Haida people.

The site of the largest settlement, Kiusta Village, can be explored on a guided tour during most of our season. Highlights include the moss-shrouded remains of longhouses and the unique triple-mortuary totem pole of Kiusta’s Chief Edenshaw.

Island Exploring

Guests eager to explore our area can do so by boat, foot, or even helicopter.

Unforgettable sights are everywhere around Langara Island — from one of BC’s last manned lighthouses, to ancient forests carpeted in moss, expansive beaches, and unique rock formations carved by centuries of wind and waves.