The Kusgwai Spa

Treatment Menu & Rates

Guests are welcome to schedule appointments prior to arriving at the lodge.

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We are pleased to offer a variety of professional holistic massage treatments, including relaxation, therapeutic and hot rock massage.

All products used are sourced locally and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Treatment rates, except where noted:

25 minutes – $90

55 minutes – $150

85 minutes – $200


Kusgwai Signature Massage

Experience profound relaxation while you are taken to a deeper level. A calm, nourishing touch relieves stress and tension, leaving you light and free.

25 minute 55 minute 85 minute

Aromatic Massage

Enjoy a deeply relaxing full-body massage treatment with the addition of exotic essential oils. Your senses are balanced with a warm massage oil blend including neroli, cardamom and ylang ylang.

25 minute 55 minute 85 minute

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment intends to release specific areas or patterns of chronic tension. Through a deep, slow touch, holding patterns will gradually dissipate.

25 minute 55 minute 85 minute

B.C. Jade Hot Stone Massage

Allow the natural benefits of heated BC Jade and Basalt stones to soothe your tired muscles after a cool day on the water. Hot stones are used to massage the body, resulting in a deeply penetrating and soothing massage experience.

85 minute


Ocean Elements Body Balance

Allow the natural benefits of Pacific Seaweed and Glacial Clay to restore your body back to balance. Treatment includes a full-body salt glow followed by a detoxifying seaweed and glacial clay wrap. The experience finishes with a nourishing seaweed body butter massage. Detoxifying and invigorating.

55 minute 85 minute

Coastal Lavender Body Balance

Soothing lavender and gentle soy moisturize the skin and increase circulation through a full-body exfoliation. A warm lavender-mango butter wrap leaves you feeling calm and nourished. The ritual concludes with a lavender soy massage. Soothing and relaxing.

55 minute 85 minute

Canadian Coastal Seaweed Foot Ritual

A treatment for the feet and legs that helps to address skin conditions, inflammation, aches and pains while infusing vital minerals and releasing toxins. The session includes a cleansing foot wash, green tea & seaweed exfoliation, application of pure Pacific seaweed fronds and finishes with a massage using our Green Tea Indian Spice oil blend.


55 minute

ENHANCEMENTS: (add to any full service)

Mini Facial

Soothing and nourishing or detoxifying and brightening. Includes a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, natural mask and soothing facial massage. An absolute treat, this enhancement keeps your skin glowing.

$80  (30 minute)

Mineral Boost Calming Lavender

Nourishing Lavender Hand Treatment

Give your hands the care they deserve. Includes Rich Lavender Olive Leaf cleanser, gentle lavender soy exfoliation, lavender mango butter wrap and calming lavender soy massage. This treatment helps target signs of aging and dry, cracked skin.


30 minute

Indian Spice Scalp Massage

Green Tea Indian Spice warming oil treatment for scalp and hair. This addresses dry, damaged hair while helping reduce insomnia and headaches.


30 minute