Eagles and humpbacks and bears, oh my!


I wasn’t sure which part of me was more impressed with Langara — travel writer, biologist, outdoorsman. Life on the water was a constant wildlife parade, and plucking a salmon from this mêlée is like reaching your hand into the middle of the food chain — and an awful lot of fun. Fishing is all about legendary catches and legendary locations, and Langara delivers both.

Leslie A. (Whistler, BC)​

Make the Most of Your Adventure

There is a lot more to experience at Langara Island than just fishing.

Our Langara Island Field Guide will help you make the most of your trip to this remote destination. It’s full of information on the incredible variety of wildlife, landmarks, and fishing spots to discover while you’re here.

Creatures Great & Small

Few places on earth play host to a greater variety of wildlife than Langara Island. On any given day, numerous fish, mammals, and birds can be encountered throughout our area. Humpback and killer whales are the star attractions here, and rare is the trip that does not feature several sightings.

But it’s worth taking the time to learn about and identify some of the other species around you — the smallest bird here lives a life as unique as the largest whale.

(Check back in May to grab the guide)